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Almost 40 years ago he was abducted and segregated into an unknown location.

Almost 40 years of hits, bumps, beats, slaps, strikes and pokes.

Almost 40 years of false illusions of freedom.

Almost 40 years of the same thing.


Help Be Square (aka Be2, aka "The Dot") get rid of those nasty paddles and escape the dreadful world of Pingland. Guide Be2 through mazes, moving platforms, roller-coasters rides, mysterious puzzles and more. Experience new lifestyles and play-styles. Collect all bonuses and unlock all achievements.

And remember: live free or die!






In this highly confidential document we describe what we have found so far about the rules of Pingland. Your mission is to lead the "white dot" the fastest you can through the obstacles that show up in Pingland. On your way you will find many obstacles: dumb and smart paddles, invisible bars, moving platforms, attractive and repulsive items, sliding doors, stretching figures, puzzles, labyrinths, dungeons and so on. The laws of gravity and motion can change anywhere, anytime. It's your ability to discover the tricks on the way and avoid them as well as catching the bonuses. You are given a limited amount of time to complete each level. The fastest you overcome the obstacles the highest your score gets.


Sliding your finger on the screen will influence the dot's speed and direction. Longer the slide stronger the acceleration applied. Keep touching the screen and you will apply the acceleration continuously. Your ability to influence movement can be limited on a screen by screen basis. Sometimes you can influence movement vertically or horizontally only. Check the HUD (Head Up Display) for the available modes. For faster accelerations you can use the turbo mode: slide with two fingers. But remember that the turbo mode is available for a limited time. Below we have attached some stolen images from the PSA (Pingland Security Agency). Study them carefully.

Stolen Documentation Pictures


At great risks we have also collected some video footage from Pingland real life. Watch it carefully!

Be2 Game Play



Be fast, be smart, BE SQUARE!